Galaga Arcade Machine
Also includes Galaxian!

Aliens are attacking from space!  Use maneuvers and well timed shots to score as many points as you can by taking them out. Careful, they don’t only fire back but they can also take control of your ship. Enjoy the authentic gameplay you remember with the Galaga in home arcade cabinet.

The Galaga Cabinet includes the following games: 

  • Galaga 
  • Galaxian

GALAGA™&©1981 BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. GALAXIAN™&©1979 BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Features and Specifications
  • Classic upright "Cabinet" design 
  • 2 Games in 1 (Galaga, Galaxian)
  • Upgraded 17" Color LCD screen 
  • Authentic arcade controls 
  • Original Artwork
  • Coinless operation 
  • Volume control
  • On Screen Game Selection Menu
  • Plugs into an AC outlet

Size specs:

  • Machine Dimensions: 45.8 H” x 22.75 D” x 19 W”
  • Machine Weight: 54.5 lbs
Throwback Fun Facts

When Galaga™ was released in North America in October, 1981:

  • “Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do)” by Christopher Cross was at the top of the music charts.
  • Enter the Ninja hit movie theaters.
  • Dallas, The Jeffersons, and Three’s Company were among the most watched shows on TV.