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Product Details/Specs

Are quarters required?

Which games are available?

What is the warranty on these machines?

Are there discounts if I purchase more than one?

How tall are they? What are the dimensions?

What are the box dimensions?

What is the height of the machine control panel from the floor?

Will it fit in my car if I buy it at a retailer?

Are these machines meant to be played seated or standing?

What is the cost of the riser and stool?

Do Your Games Resemble The Ones I Played At an arcade?

Is there a machine with both Street Fighter AND Final Fight?

What brand controllers do the machines use?

Can you get The Simpsons, X-Men vs. Capcom, Tron, etc.?

Why does the Street Fighter II cabinet have only 3 games while the others have 5?

Do you offer replacement parts?

What are the side panels made of and how thick are they?

Are the games arcade games or nes versions?

Are European and Australian machines different from US machines?

How do I follow you on social media?


What retailers carry the machines?

How many risers are there? Are there 2 different versions?

Will these be available in Europe and/or Canada?


How big is the screen and what type is it?

Are the built in speakers stereo or mono?

Where is the speaker located?

Do the machines use a vector monitor?

What hardware do these machines use? Are they running on CPS2/JAMMA boards, etc.?

How do I switch between games on a machine?

How do the controls work (especially for Defender)?

What type of connection does the LCD monitor allow? HDMI? Composite? How does it connect to the hardware?

What is the energy efficiency of the adaptors?