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Companion App FAQ's

Where can I download the app?

Is the app accessible worldwide?

Can I be logged into the app using the same account on two devices?

Can I use the app offline?

I am logged in to my account and wish to change my password but cannot remember the current one, what can I do?

Which Cabinets can I register on the app?

How can I find my machine’s QR code to connect to the app?

What does "connect to your online presence" mean?

I cannot find any QR code on my machine.

I have a LIVE Arcade machine but the QR code is missing or not working.

Why do I get an error message when I scan the QR code?

I added my machine, but my games list associated with it is not the right one.

I already registered my machine on your website, but it is not showing on my app as registered.

When does the extended warranty offered via the app start?

Why do certain games not have leaderboards in the app?

I see leaderboards in the app that are not what I am seeing on my arcade.

What happens if a user is being abusive towards me or using inappropriate images as a profile avatar?

I do not want people to see my profile in the community section.

I have an account on the Arcade1Up website, but I couldn't use it to log in to the app. What's going on?

I'm unable to use the chat feature, and I'm seeing a pop-up message that says I've been banned for a certain amount of time. What does this mean?

NFL Blitz Legends FAQ's

Is this the midway version of the game?

Is this game online gameplay or leaderboards or both?

Do you have the full roster of players?

Can you still tackle people after the whistle? Aka late or “after the whistle” hitz

Are you using original artwork on the machine / why did you change the artwork?

Will you release any other sports games in the future?

Product Details/Specs

Are quarters required?

Which games are available?

How do I follow you on social media?


What retailers carry the machines?


How big is the screen and what type is it?

What is the energy efficiency of the adaptors?


Does Arcade1Up assemble its arcade units?

Is Taskrabbit Assembly available in my area?

What is included in my Arcade1Up assembly?

When can I book my assembly?

Who are Taskers?

When do I pay for my task?

How much does it cost to assemble my Arcade1Up unit?

How do I contact Taskrabbit if I have any questions or concerns?