How Arcade1Up Brought Back ‘NFL Blitz’

NFL Blitz, for a brief period of time, was among the yearly football game offerings alongside Madden and NCAA Football, but while those two games tried to deliver a simulation experience, Blitz was focused on an arcade one. “Da Bomb”, unnecessarily large player models, and non-realistic physics were a staple of the franchise, but it also wasn’t what Blitz was most known for. That would be the laughably over-the-top slapstick violence. NFL Blitz was notorious for being a game that glorified the cruder parts of football from the violence to the cheerleaders, NFL Blitz embraced it for better and worse. Eventually, the NFL pulled the plug on its license and the series went dormant until an attempted reboot in 2012. While the reboot was a decent attempt at recreating the experience, it lacked a lot of the over-the-top fun that the original arcade games created.