Feeling blue? You will be, in the best kind of way!

Established in the early ‘80s, Capcom derived its name as a clipped compound of "Capsule Computers"; their own terminology for arcade games.While Capcom got the attention of video game enthusiasts with some early hits, it was their release of Street Fighter II that absolutely revolutionized the fighting game genre.

It sounds crazy, but it’s true: the iconic combos of Street Fighter II were actually the result of a late-development bug! By making the timing for entering special moves longer, players found they could string together multiple unblockable hits – now a staple of the series, and the genre. 

The first one-on-one fighting game to feature a variety of characters with their own unique martial arts combinations, the Street Fighter™ franchise became an arcade phenomenon with the attack cry of “Shoryuken!” entering the pop-culture lexicon.

Twelve games, one immense machine, unlimited retro gaming fun. 

Throwback Fun Fact:

To avoid litigation for a slightly too similar likeness to another famous boxer, the heavy-hitter originally known as M. Bison had his name swapped with another boss character, better known now as the infamous archvillain of the Street Fighter franchise.