Gorgeous machine artwork, stunningly vibrant graphics, and heroes that transcend generations.

Yep, here it is, with character designstraight out of the legendary Pryde of the X-Men animatepilot. The X-Men 4 Player arcade game was an instant smash hit in 1992, allowing players to control Cyclops, Wolverine, Colossus, Storm, Nightcrawleror Dazzler, in taking on the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants masterminded by Magneto. 

Four simultaneous players, amazing mutant powers, endless fun.

Fun Fact:

The X-Men have worn a variety of iconic costumes over the years, and their arcade iteration is no exception. But did you know that both the visual style and animations of the X-Men (and their villainous rivals) are based 1989’s Pryde of the X-Men television pilot?