Killer Instinct™ Arcade Machine PRO SERIES Edition
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Arcade1Up is thrilled to introduce the PRO SERIES, providing hardcore retrogamers the amped-up home arcade machines they’ve demanded!

Widely recognized as the premier name in home arcade gaming, Arcade1Up is renowned for producing authentic arcade experiences for family game rooms and man caves. Arcade1Up game cabinets play great, look great, and are instant conversation pieces.

Now, Arcade1Up kicks-up that experience to a pro level. Getting the killer PRO SERIES treatment here is of course, Killer Instinct™.

For many retrogamer enthusiasts, Killer Instinct™ is a definitive title of the mid ‘90s. Fans loved it, critics loved it. Its gameplay, soundtrack, and 3D-rendered graphics were all revered.

And wow, do the Arcade1Up PRO SERIES specs make Killer Instinct™ a jaw-dropping addition to your home.

Features and Specifications

With its increased size over standard Arcade1Up game machines, the PRO SERIES features a new 19” LCD screen that provides a 5:4 arcade aspect ratio​, with stunning vibrancy, contrast​, and viewing angles​. Upgraded speakers​ and speaker grills accentuate every strike executed.

For retrogaming “control freaks,” the PRO SERIES features upgraded joysticks and more generous spacing between components that improves precision​.

And yeah, Arcade1Up’s already gorgeous game machines get next-level aesthetics with the PRO SERIES. Eye-popping faux chrome trim runs around the cabinet edges, and a cosmetic 3D molded coin door​ with light-up coin slots for 1-2 player start really drives that nostalgia home. And of course, an upgraded light-up marquee is a fighting game beacon clear across the room.

Arcade1Up has you in professional fight-ready shape, with the Killer Instinct™ PRO SERIES home arcade game machine!


  • Wifi (Online Multiplayer)
  • Flush Cabinet Design stands at 67.5” Tall!
  • 19” LCD Screen
  • Upgraded Lit Marquee
  • Suzohapp Joysticks and Buttons
  • Yamaha speakers with Faux Metal Speaker Grills
  • HDMI Out
  • Clear Deck Protector
  • Molded coin door with light-up coin slots for 1-2 player start.
  • Faux Metal T-Molding
  • Faux Metal Arcade1Up badge
  • Licensed Swivel Stool with Back Rest
  • Licensed Anti-fatigue mat included
  • Licensed Tin Sign 18” x 24”




©2022 Microsoft/Rare Ltd 

Game by Rare Ltd Killer Instinct™ is a trademark of Microsoft and 

manufactured and sold by Tastemakers, LLC under license by Microsoft 


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