Product Update

Ms. Pac-Man™ 4' Firmware Update for SKUs 8220 and 8262

1/14/2021 and 2/5/2021

In this update:

This patch corrects the sound issue and saving of high scoring.

It also adds the setting functions of:

  • Extra Lives
  • Bonus lives adjustment
  • Difficulty settings
  • Pixel smoothing
  • Speed setting.

  • IMPORTANT: This is for Arcade1Up's Ms. Pac-Man™ 4' SKUs 8220 and 8262 only. Do not apply to other Arcade1Up games, as it will damage them.

    • Please look at the back of your cabinet for a four digit SKU. Patches below for SKUs 8220 and 8262.

    • Firmware update file for SKU 8220 can be downloaded here. (Important: currently for PC only). Updated on 2/5/21 to fix the Pac-Mania speed issue.

    • Firmware update file for SKU 8262 can be downloaded here. (Important: currently for PC only).

    • Installation instructions PDF can be viewed here.

    • Installation instructional video: