TMNT 1LifeChallenge

Welcome to the first ever Arcade1Up virtual gaming challenge!

Our fans who participated in March Radness picked their favorite games, and there were some tough matches. In the end, TMNT came out the winner, and now we would like to give all our fans a chance to showcase their champion skills by taking the #1LifeChallenge.

The 1LifeChallenge is simple: Play the TMNT Arcade1Up Cabinet with 1 life and try to get the highest score!

Select submissions will be posted on our social media -- so showcase your best efforts for a chance to be featured. We will pick four finalists at the end of the challenge who will win the first membership passes to our rewards program! (Details to follow).

How it will work:

In order for your submission to be featured on our social media, you must upload a video via the submission form below by June 30th, 2020. The video must contain the following:

  • A brief introduction stating your name, where you’re from, and “this is the one life challenge."
  • The gamer starting the TMNT game with one and only 1 life.
  • Clips of gameplay throughout the challenge.
  • The score achieved at the end of the 1LifeChallenge.

View our sample submission video below to see how yours can look.


  • For a better chance of proving your skills and qualifying, include clips in your video of your performance through multiple levels.
  • Feel free to be creative and fun…tell the viewers about yourself, showcase your gaming skills.
  • Utilize iMovie and compile multiple clips
  • Have family and friends help out with your submission.
  • Please keep your submission under 45 seconds.

We understand the difficult times our gamers are in now and so we created this challenge as a way to bring the community together, showcase our top TMNT players, and create an amazing experience. 

By submitting, you consent to the use of your name, pictures, and statements for Arcade1Up to utilize in marketing, promotional materials, on its website and print, in perpetuity, without notice or compensation, unless prohibited by law.

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