Product Update

WILLIAMS / ATTACK FROM MARS™ Pinball Firmware Update

Hey Fans! The long awaited patch for the Attack From Mars pinball machine is ready for download.

This patch corrects the following issues.

  • The double initial entry bug has been fixed on all tables.
  • An option to calibrate the accelerometer has been implemented.
  • A Game Over indicator has been implemented on the main screen.
  • Knocking echo sounds that caused by false nudge effects has been fixed.
  • Junkyard Play Improvement (plunger issue)
  • Junkyard - Fixed an issue has been fixed where the player was unable to make ramp shots.
  • No Good Gofers: Soft launch from the plunger was too hard to achieve, it has been corrected.  A fine tuned launcher has been implented.
  • No Good Gofers: Low Frame Rates - A performance issue that caused low frame rates has been fixed.
  • Tales of the Arabian Nights: Fixed the flipper strength.
  • Tales of the Arabian Nights: Fixed the multiball bug.
  • Whitewater Lag Issue - Performance has been optimized for remediating lagging issues.

You will need the following items to install this patch: