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Pong® Head-to-Head Arcade Table

Pong® Head-to-Head Arcade Table

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Looking for more arcade action that makes use of the spin-tastic retro-controllers? You got it. Play away with Warlords™, Tempest™, Super Breakout™, Circus Atari™, Destroyer™, Avalanche™, Major Havoc™, and Indy 500™, all included!

Switch up games at will, with the on-screen navigation. You’ll absolutely love this table’s vibrant screen, and the dual speakers (with volume control) amp up the action. Oh, and both under-the-table control decks are illuminated with lights mounted above them, and that light color can be changed with the push of a button!

Your table is ready…it’s the Pong™ Head-to-Head from Arcade1Up. 1 table, for 1 or 2 players, 12 games, endless fun!


∙ 17" Color LCD Screen

∙ Two Control Panels

∙ 1 Speakers on each side

∙ 2 Clear Deck Protectors

∙ Clear Protective Top Surface

∙ Adjustable Volume

∙ Item Weight: 64.28 lbs

∙ Item Dim: 23.63 D x 35.67 W x 29H

∙ Closed Box Dim: 9.13 D x 29.53 W x 38.27 H


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Face your competition -- literally -- with the Pong™ Head-to-Head Arcade Table from Arcade1Up!

Providing an authentic arcade experience in a home cabinet design, Arcade1Up Head-to-Head cocktail game tables stand 29” high, and are absolute must-haves for home arcades, family game rooms, man caves, or a welcome distraction in the office. They play great, look great, and are instant conversation pieces. And YES, a clear cover top and control deck overlays are included, to protect from those accidental spills!

Easily assembled, in no time you’ll be bouncing with arcade nostalgia (no matter what decade you grew up in!), with the pioneering classic Pong™, as well as Pong Doubles™, Pong Sport ™, and Quadrapong™.

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