The Garage Startup Bundle
1998 Entries
Includes 3 Arcade1Up game machines, and a savings of $449.98 off of the retail price of $1,449.97. (31% discount!)

garage startup

Amp up that entrepreneurial energy with this starting set of retrogaming radness! This Arcade1Up bundle includes these 3 game machines:

Midway Legacy Edition Arcade Machine – For the mighty masses of Marvel fans! Featuring a 17" color LCD screen, two control panels, and a clear protective top surface!

Ms. PAC-MAN™ Partycade - 40th Anniversary Black Edition – Featuring a 16.7" color LCD screen, light-up marquee, door hanging, wall hanging and detachable legs attachments, and 10 classic BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. titles packed inside!

The Simpsons™ Arcade Machine – Featuring a 17" color LCD screen, riser, light-up marquee, stool, tin wall sign, 4 player simultaneous play, and live WiFi enabled with no monthly subscription required!

Features and Specifications
1998 Entries
  • Capcom Legacy Edition Arcade Machine
  • The Simpsons™ Arcade Machine


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