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The Series A Rec-Room Bundle

The Series A Rec-Room Bundle

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Series A Rec Room

For ventures on their way up fast, give your dedicated staff a superb space to blow off some steam! This Arcade1Up bundle includes these 7 game machines:

The Simpsons™ Arcade Machine – Featuring a 17" color LCD screen, riser, light-up marquee, stool, tin wall sign, 4 player simultaneous play, and live WiFi enabled with no monthly subscription required!

Ridge Racer™ Arcade Machine – Hold on tight and floor it! Features include a 17” color LCD screen, light-up marquee, rumble steering wheel, gas pedal and brakes, two-way shifter, and WiFi for leaderboards!

Midway Legacy Edition Arcade Machine – For the mighty masses of Marvel fans! Featuring a 17" color LCD screen, two control panels, and a clear protective top surface!

Marvel Digital Pinball – Featuring a vibrant 23.8" LCD playfield, haptic touch flippers with feedback, real feel tilt and nudge, a working plunger, light up back glass, and 10 games!

Terminator 2 Arcade Machine – It’s back! Featuring two guns with force feedback, light-up marquee, custom riser, and WiFi for leaderboards.

Bandai Namco Legacy Arcade Machine – Class it up, with this vibrant Pac-Man themed arcade machine with 12 classic Bandai Namco games! 

NBA JAM™ SHAQ Edition Arcade Machine – Standing 67" tall and sporting a huge 19" screen, and live online play, this is the perfect multiplayer addition to any game room! Includes NBA Jam™, NBA Jam Tournament Edition™, and NBA Hangtime™! 



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