The Speakeasy Bundle
5296 Entries
Includes 5 Arcade1Up game machines, and a savings of $699.99 off of the retail price of $3,348.96. (21% discount!)

Oh, it’s easy to give them something to speak about (and keep ‘em coming back for more!), when your establishment features this mix of magnificent arcade nostalgia! This Arcade1Up bundle includes these 5 game machines:

Street Fighter™II Big Blue Arcade Machine – Twelve iconic Capcom games, one immense cabinet, unlimited retro gaming fun. Includes a riser, light-up marquee, light-up deck protector, stool and live WiFi enabled with no monthly subscription required!

Ridge Racer™ Arcade Machine – Hold on tight and floor it! Features include a 17” color LCD screen, light-up marquee, rumble steering wheel, gas pedal and brakes, two-way shifter, and WiFi for leaderboards!

Pong® 4 Player Pub Table – Table for 4? Here it is, the best table in the house! Includes eight Atari classics, and a clear cover top to protect from those accidental spills.

Attack from Mars Digital Pinball – Featuring a vibrant 23.8" LCD playfield, haptic touch flippers with feedback, real feel tilt and nudge, a working plunger, light up back glass, and 10 games!

Golden Tee Arcade Machine 3D Edition – Tee time is anytime! This massive arcade cabinet stands an impressive 66” tall, and features a 19” screen, light-Up marquee, upgraded speakers and speaker grills, faux molded coin doors, and WiFi leaderboards with no monthly subscription required!

5296 Entries
  • Street Fighter™II Big Blue Arcade Machine
  • Ridge Racer™ Arcade Machine
  • Golden Tee Arcade Machine 3D Edition


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