Iconic arcade games. Pop culture imagery that has stood the test of time. We call this the “Legacy Edition” for a reason...make that many reasons!

When looking back at the history of video gaming, there is no doubt which company was the trailblazing pioneer: Atari. A name that became absolutely synonymous with the arcade boom, and a powerhouse in broad entertainment. 

From Asteroids® to Centipede® tMissile Command®, Atari titles captivated the world with vibrant graphics, easily learned yet challenging gameplay, and instantly recognizable imagery. Very few brand names conjure nostalgia across generations, and Atari is one that has stood the test of time. 

Twelve games, one machine, unlimited retro gaming fun!

Fun Fact:

Asteroids, one of Atari’s best-selling games of all time and a chart-topping success upon release, was so popular that in some cases arcade operators found themselves in need of larger collection boxes to hold all the quarters players spent on the game.