Face your competition--literally--with the Marvel vs Capcom Head-to-Head Arcade Table from Arcade1Up!

Okay you mighty masses of Marvel fans, it’s time to take a seat, and take control of your favorite heroes to your heart’s content! Get ready to punch, kick, fly, blast, claw, and oh-so-many-more powers packed into this easily assembled head-to-head table.

A phenomenal selection of uncanny Marvel x Capcom titles awaits you: X-Men: Children of the Atom™, Marvel Super Heroes™, The Punisher™, X-Men vs StreetFighter™, Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter™, Marvel vs Capcom™, X-Men:  Mutant Apocalypse™, and Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems™. Switch up games at will, with the on-screen navigation. Fight opponents, or fight together!

Your table is’s the Marvel vs Capcom Head-to-Head from Arcade1Up. 1 table, 2 players, games, endless fun!

Fun Fact:

X-men vs. Street Fighter was the first game to implement Capcom's established Tag-Team feature.