It’s time to take a seat, power up, and face your competition--literally--with this Ms.PAC-MAN™ Black Head-to-Head Arcade Table from Arcade1Up!

Ready to gobble some POWER PELLETS, dig some tunnels, and fend off some alien invaders? Awesome, because an unreal nostalgia overload awaits you.

You’ve of course got this table’s title game, displayed on the gorgeous cocktail table design. Guide Ms.PAC-MAN™ through those infamous mazes while evading BLINKYPINKY, INKY and SUE. 

And when you’re ready for a change of pace, this Pac table PACKS in an unreal eleven additional classic games: GALAGA™, DIG DUG™, MAPPY™, ROLLING THUNDER™, DIG DUGII, THE TOWER OF DRUAGA™, ROMPERS™, RALLY-X™, GALAXIAN™, GALAGA™'88, and PAC-MANIA™.

Yep, those are ALL included. Switch up games at will, with the on-screen navigation.You’ll absolutely love this table’s vibrant screen, and the dual speakers (with volume control) amp up the action. Oh, and both under-the-table control decks are illuminated with lights mounted above them, and that light color can be changed with the push of a button!